How to keep your pet happy and healthy

1. Give them plenty of exercise.

Dogs especially need to burn off energy, so a good walk or run is a must. But all pets benefit from some form of exercise, so get creative and find what works for your pet.

2. Feed them a nutritious diet.

Pets need high-quality food to stay healthy. Talk to your veterinarian about what food is best for your pet, and make sure to avoid any table scraps or other human food that can be harmful.

3. Keep them clean.

Brushing your pet regularly and giving them baths as needed will help them stay clean and healthy. Be sure to use pet-safe products and avoid getting water in their ears.

4. Take them to the vet.

Regular check-ups and vaccinations are important for keeping your pet healthy. Be sure to keep up with their appointments and don’t hesitate to call the vet if you have any concerns.

5. Give them plenty of love.

Pets need attention and affection to be happy. Spend time playing with them, petting them, and just spending time together. They’ll love you for it!

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